The Equalities Sensitivity Rating Ltd (ESRL) will continue its lead in providing high quality employer facing, equalities listing and rating services in the UK.

ESRL will continually develop its products and markets but focus on listing and rating services.  This will strengthen Knowledge Transfer and open opportunities for applied research activity in social accountability while rendering financial robustness to the business through a wider but focussed balance of market and product approach.  ESRL will continue to insist on high employment relevance to all of the content on all listing and rating services as it expands.

ESRL may partner with other providers where relevant to strengthen its equalities presence in the UK, maintain and constantly improve its equalities standing and to form a firm footing for better global recognition. This will manifest in providing listing for international employers as well as forming delivery partnerships for specific listing and rating services if necessary.  ESRL will deliver on its equalities themes of current, global and collaborative leadership across its sensitivity activities.