ESRL asks: Is it possible to do undress RACISM camouflage at work place?

ESRL has constructed the topical question from two trajectories: a Don Juan Manuel (1282-1348)fable ‘The Emperor is naked’, about loyal workers who rather than lose their jobs by telling the truth, hoodwinked the Emperor to believe ‘His Majesty’ was well-dressed whereas he was naked.  A Lorenz (1952) biological observation to quote: ‘species of geese follow, as it if were their mother, the first moving object they encounter upon breaking their shells, and they continue to do so even when they are confronted by their real mother’.

In the context of ‘The Emperor is naked’, non-black people camouflage their everyday RACISM / RACE-ism with a range of camouflages variously described as attire; fashion; trend; make-up, smart, uniform, hats, shoes, jewellery, adornments, etc., etc.; the greater unknown camouflage is left to GOD ‘the be-and-end of existence’.  Simply put, human are content to re-enforce their continued existence or survival with RACISM / RACE-ism camouflages whatever the consequences.

In the context of biology, ESRL asserts that non-black people camouflage their RACISM / RACE-ism with all sorts of camouflages, which their young pick up, then follow even if they find that its foolishness to do so.  The camouflage of (i) Why? knowledge to find out; (ii) How? – a capacity to find out; (iii) When? passion and need for finality.  All these are camouflages for problem solving postures, with exclusive positive outcome for non-black people.  Any accidental positive outcome by black people is qualified/underscored by negative/underhand phrases such as ‘not fit for purpose’; ‘need a second opinion’; etc., etc.

The above seedlings when planted/transplanted at work place owned by non-black people, suggests that such places are clothed with camouflages of and for RACISM / RACE-ism.  One example is token meaningful/gainful engaging of black skin people as who?? But not what they can do?  Another is benevolence as long as any single one black person does not demonstrate excellence above or beyond that of non-black people.

Equalities Act 2010 implored employers to recognise and remove all sorts of biological camouflages prevalent in work place especially those used to hide or to allow RACISM / RACE-ism to survive and thrive at work place.  The first biological camouflage is the accusing thumb that points at employers’ role in seedling, watering and harvesting from RACISM/RACE-ism at work place.

The following samples lifted from the appended readings have all the fable and biological camouflages for RACISM/RACE-ism to thrive:

“We [as politicians] should always seek to add value for our children, not take value away….”

“The talented player from Croydon, south London, also says that the governing body has starved him of publicity for his playing achievements, while lauding lesser tournament successes by white players, therefore wrecking his sponsorship opportunities…”

“Australia is made up of over 270 different cultures, speaking more than 260 languages and practising over 100 different faiths.     Yet despite this rich cultural diversity, our community sadly has been defined for much of the 20th century by the racist White Australia Policya policy that aimed to bring racially homogenous people here and keep others out…”

Jack Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating Ltd comments as follows:

“I read somewhere that ‘there is something very rotten in the corridors of power, and there is something very sickening in the games that rulers play’;  – think of the work-place owner reflecting on this? ”

I heard somewhere that: ‘one should not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character…’ imagine this phrase being applied at a work place.”

“Reading the appended brought the above statement flooding my mind”

Editors Notes:

  1. Mr Alecho-oita is available for interviews on 0044-798-459-4876 or
  2. ESRL can be mailed at
  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the topical question to grasp RACISM.

Racial discrimination still alive in US, Obama admits defeat over NBA controversy…   ‘Racial discrimination is still alive in America and Obama is admitting the nation’s defeat over a National Basketball Association (NBA) controversy…’   The Voice of Russia

Racial discrimination: Ibrahim refutes Obama’s statement…  ‘KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali had lashed out against US president Barack Obama’s statement on Sunday that Malaysia will…’  Astro Awani

Sports Anchor Mark Edwards Alleges Racial Bias in Suit Against KTHV…  ‘Winning a racial discrimination case in federal court can be difficult, said Theresa Beiner, a professor of law at the University of Arkansas at Little…’   Arkansas Business Online

‘We are all equal’: Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero posts banana picture to combat racism after   ‘…..full-back before he took a corner, which he duly picked up, peeled and ate, not the first time Alves has been targeted by racial discrimination….’   Mancunian Matters

Donald T. Sterling is no Aberration…  ‘A Google search with the name Donald Sterling and racial discrimination at the time he was sued and settled for racial discrimination found thousands….’   OpEdNews

Weaker laws may legitimise racist behaviour…    ‘Psychologists have slammed the Abbott government’s proposed watering down of race discrimination laws, warning that any changes could damage…’  Sydney Morning Herald

Drop race law changes, Baird urges Coalition…   ‘Premier Mike Baird has urged his federal colleagues to back away from proposed changes to racial discrimination law, declaring: “If it’s not broken,…’  Sydney Morning Herald

Racial vilification laws matter for federal government, says Newman…  ‘Senator Brandis’s proposal includes repealing section 18C of the RacialDiscrimination Act, which makes it unlawful for someone to “offend, insult,….’   Sydney Morning Herald

Mary Sanchez: The courageous defense in Sotomayor’s dissent….   ‘Race still matters in America. The burdens of past racial discrimination — in the case of African-Americans, hundreds of years of slavery, terrorization….’   Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

Student election at EMU marred by charges of discriminationand wrongdoing…  ‘Violation of election rules and racial discrimination are two allegations made during the recent reelection of junior Desmond Miller as president….’   The Ann Arbor News

Mona Charen: What race preferences hide…  ‘“Race matters,” she scolded again and again in her dissent. Actually … which explicitly forbids racial discrimination, amounts to racial discrimination…’   Memphis Commercial Appeal

Lowry – Sotomayor Through The Looking Glass…  ‘In a 6-2 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld Michigan’s prohibition on racialdiscrimination in college admissions, adopted as an amendment to th…’  Ponca City News

De Klerk slams ‘race-based’ ANC policies…   ‘De Klerk also spoke out Friday against what he called “increasingly aggressive – and apparently permanent – race-based discrimination“. He said…’

What race preferences hide…  ‘“Race matters,” she scolded again and again in her dissent. … amendment that explicitly forbids racial discrimination amounts to racial discrimination….’  Nashua Telegraph

Justice Act ruling could affect 5 on death row…  ‘The five inmates, along with about 145 others in the state, previously claimed racial discriminationinfluenced their trials and, under the Racial Justice….’  The Robesonian

Nation’s stand against racism a work in progress, community leaders say…  ‘SALT LAKE CITY — Laws prohibiting racial discrimination have been on the books for decades, but changes in attitude lag behind, a prominent Utah…’  Deseret News

LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling: ‘Don’t Bring Black People To My Games’ [AUDIO]…  ‘… of discriminating against black and Hispanic tenants. He was also sued by former Clippers exec Elgin Baylor for racial discrimination….’  TMZ reports. News One

Is Cliven Bundy a “Racist”? Where’s the PROOF?….  ‘“But haven’t you heard the TERRIBLE RACIST comments he made? …. “Racialdiscrimination is not the problem of black people that it used to be” in….’  The New American

Today’s Affirmative Action is Racism…   ‘It was meant to rectify ills that racial discrimination had perpetrated; chiefly, as the Heritage Foundation notes, it “authorized courts to take ‘affirmative….’

Nova Peris warns Abbott on Racial Discrimination Act…   ‘THE Abbott government’s push to change the Racial Discrimination Act has “sabotaged” efforts to recognise indigenous Australians in the Constitution…’   Caboolture News

Darebin Council opposes changes to Federal Racial Discrimination Act…   ‘But Darebin Ethnic Communities Council chair Nalliyah Surikakumaran said free speech could too easily be used to excuse racist insults…’  Herald Sun

Viral Now: Caught between being the bystander and an Indian….   ‘Of late, the media has been abuzz with news of racial discrimination against the Northeastern community, especially in Delhi since Nido Taniam,…’  afaqs

OPINION: NYPD Notorious for Harassment and Racial Profiling…   ‘WASHINGTON, April 25 (RIA Novosti), Lyudmila Chernova – The New York Police Department is infamous for harassment and racial discrimination…’   RIA Novosti

Hurstville Councillors take united stand about bigotry law….  ‘THE opportunity for residents to object to proposed changes to a section of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 — that will make it easier for bigots be….’   St George and Sutherland Shire Leader

Racial Inequality is Still Strong in American Cultural Reality…  ‘We have discussed some of the myriad causes of racial discrimination. And some have spoken about what they see as racially discriminatory…’    WUWM

The affirmative action presidency…  ‘Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, for the state not to engage in racial discrimination against whites, amounts to racially discriminating against….’   Canada Free Press

Croydon College accused of racial discrimination by lecturer…   ‘Croydon College is being accused of racial discrimination by a lecturer who claims he was overlooked for a job because he is black. Toby Otober has…’   Croydon Guardian

Israeli boycott case: court strikes out part of racial discrimination lawsuit…   ‘A racial discrimination lawsuit against Sydney academic Jake Lynch over his support for a boycott of Israel has been partly struck out by a federal court….’   The Guardian

UK-born murderer wins racial compensation claim for treatment in jail….   ‘He is a convicted murderer and rapist, but Barry Whiteoak has won damages after a tribunal found he was racially discriminated in an Australian jail….’  Daily Mail

Old lawsuit accuses Waggoner of racial discrimination….   ‘In the lawsuit, Marina Cooper-Houston, a former employee, accused the company of civil rights violations and said Waggoner racially discriminated…’   WBIR-TV

Council to oppose federal changes to Racial Discrimination Act…  ‘Ballarat will join a groundswell of local councils standing against controversial federal government changes to the Racial Discrimination Act…’  Ballarat Courier

NRO: Sotomayor’s Folly….   ‘Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the question was whether the state should be required to engage in racial discrimination. The progress, then….’   Fox News (blog)

Racial vilification laws: maybe we don’t need them….   ‘… by the federal government’s proposals to gut the Racial Discrimination Act that makes hate speech unlawful. The government’s motives are suspect,….’   The Age

High court stops short of ending racial quotas and preferences…   ‘The Fourteenth Amendment outlaws racial discrimination. Racial quotas and preferences are, by definition, racial discrimination. Fifty-eight percent of….’   Washington Examiner

Conservatives attack Sotomayor over affirmative action dissent….   ‘Where Chief Justice John Roberts once wrote that “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race,….’   MSNBC

Danville landlord to pay thousands in racial housing discrimination lawsuit…   ‘Danville landlord to pay thousands in racial housing discrimination lawsuit. John Matthews says he isn’tracist but rather is the victim. He now has to….’   WDBJ7

Michelle Obama’s Mirror: The only way to end racial discrimination is…throughracial discrimination?….   ‘“Justice Sotomayor seemed to mock one of Chief Justice Roberts’s most memorable lines. In a 2007 decision that limited the use of race to achieve….’   Michelle Obama’s Mirror ⋅ DEWEY FROM DETROIT

Voters can bar racial discrimination by their government, for now…   ‘The Supreme Court has upheld the constitutionality of a Michigan ballot initiative providing that the state, including state educational institutions, may….’  Power Line (blog)

A Muslim perspective on Racial Discrimination Act amendments….   ‘Although religious discrimination was not, per se, made unlawful by the Racial Discrimination Act, it prohibits discrimination on the grounds of “ethnic …..’   The Conversation

What is affirmative action?…   ‘Discrimination, past or current: Racial discrimination, particularly against African-Americans but also other racial groups, has been a constant through….’   Vox

Prejudice in paradise….   ‘Dr Y Chinna Rao, professor at the Centre for the Study of Discrimination and Exclusion, JNU, says “Racial discrimination against members of the….’   Deccan Herald

Sotomayor Gets Personal in Affirmative Action Case….  ‘In it, she singled out for criticsm a famous line from Chief Justice John Roberts in 2007: “The way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop…’   Newser

Judge dismisses racial bias suit against Beach sheriff….   ‘Judge dismisses racial bias suit against Beach sheriff … A federal judge has dismissed a $10 milliondiscrimination and retaliation suit against Sheriff….’   The Virginian-Pilot

How Not to End Racial Discrimination…  ‘The right has always been against race-conscious remedies to racial discrimination, touting “colorblindness” as the “constitutional” approach to….’  Slate Magazine

7 associated with Italian anti-Semitic website charged with racial discrimination…   ‘ (JTA) – After a lengthy investigation, seven people associated with the anti-Semitic website Holywar were charged this week with racial discrimination….’   Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Fired African-American Hotel Worker at Irvine Embassy Suites Claims Racial Discrimination….   ‘The story of racial harassment went unreported save for the Tri-County … They called Westly’s claims of discrimination “unfounded” while taking a….’    OC Weekly (blog)

Tony’s secret communist race plot…   ‘The prospect of an impromptu chat at the footy on the history of race … insert a new section 116A, banningracial discrimination by government; and….’   Herald Sun

Commentary: Is “Shoveling While Black” Our Nation’s Latest Bigotry?…  ‘I want them to have respect for the police, but also a healthy fear — at least as long asracial profiling continues to be an element of law enforcement….”.  BET

San Jose State Task Force on Racial Discrimination Urges University President to Act Following   ‘The president of San Jose State University is promising action in response to a long list of recommendations issued in the wake of a racially charged….’   NBC Bay Area

Madison School District settles lawsuit alleging race discrimination…  ‘The Madison School District has settled a lawsuit brought by two black custodians who claimed a former supervisor harassed and discriminated    ‘

St. Anthony’s Expels 4 Students for Racial Incidents…  ‘”The use of any symbol, either historic or current, which carries a meaning designed to revive past injustices, or to inflame discrimination or racial….’

Son Of FDNY Commissioner Who Left EMS Job Over RacistTweets Trying To Get Rehired….  ‘Son Of FDNY Commissioner Who Left EMS Job Over Racist Tweets Trying To … Recently, the city settled a racial discrimination lawsuit against the…’   News One

Study claims racial component in air pollution, says whites breathe cleaner air…  ‘…the article claims, African Americans “live with chronic diseases stemming fromracial discrimination.” Carimah Townes, however, offered no proof of…’

Catholic High School Expels Four Students for RaciallyOffensive Behavior…  ‘Two other students blatantly disregarded the principal’s request to discontinue the use of social media to inflame discrimination in the school….’  American Live Wire

Equality in discipline…  ‘If Barack Obama’s Department of Justice thinks disproportionality in school punishments is probative of racial discrimination, what about our criminal….’  Hays Daily News

Voice of Russia under federal investigation for racial discrimination…  ‘Russia’s Washington-based media empire is under federal investigation for racial discrimination in the workplace after at least three of its radio…’  Fox News

Dump race hate reforms: migrants…  ‘The safeguards currently provided by Part IIA of the Racial Discrimination Act have been in place for almost 20 years, including during the 11 years of…’  The Australian

Fired Portland administrator Jack Graham tells city he’ll sue forracial discrimination, defamation…  ‘Portland’s former chief administrative officer, Jack D. Graham, plans to sue the city forracial discrimination, defamation and a lack of due process tied…’  The Oregonian

Authors and artists speak out against changes to RDA…  ‘The SBS World News interactive on the history of the Racial Discrimination Act, including cases involving Andrew Bolt and Pauline Hanson, can be….’   SBS

Nova Scotia Store Manager: “Clear The Room Because ‘It’s Time For A Lynching'”…  ‘A Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission board of inquiry found race discrimination and ordered the store to pay the sales associate $8,000 in….’  Mondaq News Alerts (registration)

A WAR OF LETTERS…  ‘The city failed to report the discrimination lawsuits JFRD faces or any … They say that Laquidara seems to find it difficult to see racial discrimination….’   Folio Weekly

Focus: Microagression…  ‘Microagression is the new type of cultural and racial discrimination, which is causing the fall of society. People prefer to relate to the person that they…’

Submission to proposed amendments to Racial Discrimination Act – Victorian Equal Opportunity   ‘The Commission has made a submission to the Australian Government’s consultation on proposed amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975…’

County clerk candidate had settled in discrimination lawsuit…  ‘One of the candidates who has filed for the office of Phelps County clerk was involved in a sexual assault andracial discrimination lawsuit in 2011…’   The Rolla Daily News

Paul Keating defends his race hate legislation…  ‘PAUL Keating, the architect of the Racial Discrimination Act, has accused the Abbott government of following in John Howard’s footsteps by planning…’  The Australian (blog)

Barry Scheck: Stunning new case highlights how race bias corrupts juries….  ‘Racial discrimination in the selection of his all-white jury. In a community that is almost half African-American, the prosecutor struck African-American…’   Salon

Race equality in the NHS is flagging…  ‘There has been little improvement in the overall pattern of race discrimination in NHS recruitment, according to physiotherapist Charmaine Riley…’  Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Free speech is bedrock of civilisation…  ‘VICTORIAN Liberal MP Jason Wood is wrong to claim the proposed exemptions to a revised Racial Discrimination Act would be “unusable in court”….’  The Australian (blog)

No wonder lefties are shy about free speech, Bob Ellis might ban them…  ‘THIS newspaper has long argued that the Racial Discrimination Act should be amended to rebalance it more towards free speech … we believe….’   The Australian (blog)

A Second Look at Race and Airbnb Rates…  ‘“Digital discrimination,” they called it, raising the question: Are Airbnb renters subtly racist? Perhaps, but a new paper from Finnish researchers on how….’   Next City

Annual MORE run set for May 1…  ‘… sponsors to our communities – we are united and resolved to eliminate racial discrimination,” said Municipality of Pictou County Warden Ron Baillie….’ NG News

Equality in discipline…  ‘If Barack Obama’s Department of Justice thinks that disproportionality in school punishments is probative of racial discrimination, what about our…’  The Inter-Mountain

SEE NO EVIL…  ‘And one thing DHS asks about on those applications is discrimination … it’s “consistent with Title VI’s prohibition against discrimination based on race…’   Folio Weekly

Surveys prompt racial discrimination debate in Cambridge…  ‘Universities approach to racial equality has come under scrutiny, as CUSU and Black British Academics commission surveys on the matter. CUSU has…’   The Cambridge Student

Ex-Port City Air employee claims racial discrimination…  ‘Wilson claims he was fired shortly after filing a complaint alleging racial discrimination with the New Hampshire Commission for Human Right…’

Congress Can Help End Racial Discrimination…  ‘The federal government wittingly and unwittingly endorses a great deal of racial discrimination in America. A 2011 report by the Congressional…’  National Review Online (blog)

Jermaine Jones Joins American Idol Racial DiscriminationLawsuit…   ‘Jermaine Jones, a disqualified contestant from the reality show, has joined the racial discrimination lawsuit that alleges the singing competition show…’   UPTOWN Magazine

NC high court holds hearings on Racial Justice Act…  ‘The Racial Justice Act differed from other laws and court decisions regardingdiscrimination because it covered only death penalty cases and it didn’t…’   SFGate

Gallup Polls Reveal That Americans Think Race Relations Need Improvement…  ‘Some students said they think that racial discrimination has ended completely between blacks and whites in the United States, but that other races…’   The Arkanas Traveller

Air France’s Ads Blasted As ‘Racist‘, Twitter Responds With #FixedIt4UAF…  ‘One of Europe’s largest airlines is under fire for its latest ad campaign after critics on Twitter have called it borderline “racist“. Air France’s “France Is In….’  Huffington Post Canada

Rep. Steve Israel was right to say that racism still affects US politics.…   ‘With race, the same dynamic applies – we have laws banning racial discrimination, and we have a president who identifies as African-American….’  U.S. News & World Report (blog)

Blackballin’ brings four accounts of truth to UCR….  “  …. position” to being barraged with outright hateful language, the characters experience different forms ofracial discrimination in their respective sports…’  Highlander Newspaper

US suffers from ‘epidemic of racial violence’: Historian….  ‘The United States has suffered from an “epidemic of racial violence” …discrimination, yet the US leadership “pretend that America is post-racial,” said…’  Press TV

Racial Discrimination Act changes receive little support in new Nielsen poll…  ‘The Race Discrimination Commissioner says the Federal Government should heed public sentiment and dump changes to racial discrimination laws…’  ABC Online

Race hate laws will not survive as drafted: Liberal backbencher Craig Laundy…  ‘Race hate laws will not survive as drafted: Liberal backbencher Craig … Laundy is opposed to proposed changes to the racial discrimination laws….’   Brisbane Times

Leon’s Furniture ordered to pay former employee $8000 for racial discrimination…  ‘HALIFAX (CP) — A woman who was subjected to several instances of racial harassment at a Leon’s Furniture store in Halifax said Thursday she felt…’  Canadian HR Reporter

Race hate: voters tell Brandis to back off…  ‘Attorney-General George Brandis: Has been pursuing the removal of the provisions in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act with the Prime…. ‘  WA today

Fifty Years Since the US Civil Rights Act: Commemoration Covers Up the Importance of the    ‘… afternoon, have served to cover up rather than illuminate the historical importance of the struggle against segregation and racial discrimination…’   Center for Research on Globalization

Racial attack on NE people: Gov panel fails to file report on time….  ‘After the murder of Arunachal boy Nido Tania, the Home Ministry had set up a committee to address the issue of racial discrimination in cities…’

Wooing the discriminated voters…  ‘While the half-hearted concern of the Government towards such a serious problem like racial discriminationis there for all to see, sadly, it has been…’

Global Limousines Network hit with discriminatory firing complaint…   ‘Network over claims that she was fired after only three months on the job because of her complaints of racially motivated harassment. Gesile Holt filed….’  The Pennsylvania Record

Overcoming racism: Still work to be done…   ‘The president spoke at the end of a three-day summit commemorating the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the landmark law that ended racial discrimination in …’  The Tand

President Obama, left, told Rev. Al Sharpton’s civil rights group that the future of voting rights is in   ‘… of discrimination or unfair scapegoating. Professor Gibney’s male students felt under siege by a supposedly “angry race-baiting” Black woman…’  Diverse: Issues in Higher Education

Racial Discrimination Act changes will hit vulnerable: Adam Goodes…  ‘Speaking out: Adam Goodes, who is a White Ribbon ambassador, opposes changes to the Racial Discrimination Act. Photo: Brendan Esposito….’  Brisbane Times

Race hate: voters tell Brandis to back off…  ‘… of the status quo – that is, that it should remain unlawful to discriminate. … in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, on grounds of free speech….’  WA today

Government’s panel for Northeast fails to file report on time…  ‘NEW DELHI: After the murder of Arunachal boy Nido Tania, the home ministry had set up a committee to address the issue of racial discrimination in….’  Times of India

Adelaide-based Shiekh Sharif Hussein free to preach race hate…  ‘The Government wants to repeal part of the Racial Discrimination Act that makes it illegal to insult, offend or humiliate people based on their race….’  Herald Sun

Abunimah: Justice in Palestine Is Fundamental to Global Struggle Against Racial, Economic   ‘… so that if you’re calling for an end to racial discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel or if you’re calling for equal rights for Palestinians and…’ Truth-Out

Jermaine Jones Joins Racial Discrimination Suit Against American Idol…  ‘Jermaine Jones on Friday joined 10 black former American Idol contestants in a racial discrimination lawsuit, after he was disqualified from Season 11…’  The Root

Rand Paul Has a Race Problem…  ‘To his credit, Paul has since renounced those positions and frequently proclaims his opposition to racial discrimination. But as his responses to the…’

Black people at the sharp end in austerity Britain…  ‘Figures published last month by the Ministry of Justice showed that the introduction of fees has resulted in a 57 per cent fall in race discrimination…’  Morning Star Online

The ‘Real Racists’ Have Always Worn Suits…  ‘… of legislation aimed at outlawing discrimination based on race. A three-day-long “civil rights summit” was organized at the LBJ Presidential Library in…’  The Nation. (blog)

A Lesson in Racial Profiling and Historical Relevance…  ‘Decatur effectively deploys what sociologist Eduardo Bonilla-Silva calls the “minimization of racism” frame: the assertion that discrimination no longer…’

Gay Rights, Intolerance, and Racial Parallels…  ‘In many ways, this attitudinal shift has helped same-sex marriage (for instance, by advancing the judicial opinion that discrimination against gay….’  RealClearPolitics

Inspired to Blog: Prostitution and Racial Discrimination…  ‘Prostitution and Racial Discrimination. Loads of arguments from people within the sex industry on this one ! If a girl refuses to see a man and he just…’  Inspired to Blog ⋅ Sarah

Former Leon’s employee wins racial discrimination case…  ‘HALIFAX — A woman who was subjected to several instances of racial harassment at a Leon’s Furniture store in Halifax said Thursday she felt justice…’  CTV News

Croydon tennis player sues Lawn Tennis Association over ‘racial discrimination…  ‘A South Croydon tennis player is suing the sport’s British governing body over allegedracial discrimination. Isaac Stoute, 17, claims the Lawn Tennis…’  Croydon Guardian

Freedom of speech should not trump freedom from humiliation…  ‘The changes to the Racial Discrimination Act are not only bad policy, they are unfair, write Giri Sivaraman from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and…’  Crikey

Delhi Joint CP Robin Hibu, Manipuri girl face racial discrimination at polling booth…  ‘For one who is fighting against racial discrimination and trying to bridge the gap between Delhiites and the North-Eastern community, Hibu was…’  India Today

Leon’s Furniture Ordered To Pay Ex-Employee $8000 ForRacial Discrimination…  ‘HALIFAX – A woman who was subjected to several instances of racial harassment at a Leon’s Furniture store in Halifax said Thursday she felt justice….’  Huffington Post Canada

Poll: Do you believe racial discrimination in public places has ended?…  ‘Johnson pushed through the historic Civil Rights Act, which banned racial discrimination in public places. To commemorate the 50th anniversary of…’  The Jersey Journal

Nova Peris links new race act to referendum…  ‘It also called for a clause against racial discrimination. Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten used Australia Day to reaffirm their commitment to advancing….’  The Australian

Footy star speaks out on vilification…  ‘Larry Kickett, Australia’s only indigenous football commissioner, says Federal Government plans to repeal part of the Racial Discrimination Act can…’  The West Australian

Play Pelosi accuses GOP of racial, gender discrimination…  ‘April 10, 2014 11:21 AM EDT — When asked if Republicans treat the Obama administration unfairly based on racial biases, House Minority Leader…’  Washington Post

UT Austin Students Share Stories Of Discrimination…  ‘Briana Nelson is a University of Texas track star, economics major and victim of racial discrimination. “I’ve faced adversities growing up,” said Nelson….’  KEYE TV

Safeguard Properties Targeted In Racial Discrimination Suit « Foreclosurepedia…  ‘Safeguard Properties Accused of Racial Discrimination in Maintenance of Foreclosed Homes in Dayton, Toledo, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and…’  Foreclosurepedia ⋅ D. Paul Williams

Migrant groups fear racial discrimination bill…  ‘In light of the federal government’s proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, the Sun gauged community reactions to the plan. Under the….’   Cadtle Hills News

How Racial Discrimination In The Housing Industry Lingers Long After Foreclosure…  ‘The largest property management company in America systematically neglects properties in African-American and latino neighborhoods while…’  ThinkProgress

Reid Liberal MP Craig Laundy breaks ranks on changes toRacial Discrimination Act…  ‘PROPOSED changes to the Racial Discrimination Act by the Federal Government are “deeply concerning” to Reid federal Liberal MP Craig Laundy… ‘  The Daily Telegraph

Woman sues Denton County…  ‘A Denton County employee who filed a federal lawsuit accusing the human resources director and other employees of racial discrimination and…’   Denton Record Chronicle

What Congress Can Do to Stop Racial Discrimination…  ‘Discrimination on the basis of race and ethnicity is unconstitutional, unlawful, and morally repugnant. The government should not sort people…  ‘nsiderOnline

Appeals Court Slams EEOC Over Discrimination Suit Based On `Race Raters’…  ‘A federal appeals court delivered a sharp rebuke to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission today when it upheld the dismissal of the….  ‘  Forbes

Indian-origin mother sues Hong Kong government, police forracial bias…  ‘Beijing: An Indian-origin mother in Hong Kong has sued the government and a police officer for alleged racial discrimination over the arrest of her…’  NDTV

Talented tennis player sues for discrimination…  ‘A TOP-RATED under-18 tennis player is suing the game’s governing body over claims that his career has been damaged by ongoing racial….’  The Voice Online

Liberals break ranks against Brandis race hate law…  ‘Liberals break ranks against Brandis race hate law. Federal … if controversial changes to the Racial Discrimination Act proceed in their proposed form…’  Blacktown Sun

Whitlam’s race hate laws ‘watered down’…  ‘The ”proud heritage” of Gough Whitlam’s Racial Discrimination Act will live on regardless of a government attempt to water it down, says Whitlam….’  Cadtle Hills News