ESRL Asks: Is Equalities Breathing Down Employers’ Necks?.

The question is a paraphrase of Hippokrates of Kos (460 – c. 370 BC) 2500 year-old clarion call that ‘desperate situation requires desperate measures’.  The set of words and phrase indiscriminately capture or can be used to capture negative human experiences with equalities in employment.  Why?

On this issue of ‘Equalities’, employers wield vast economic and social powers and therefore the capacity to IGNORE any political persuasion to attend to discriminations practices in employment.  This tendency, may be, is informed by employers’ hierarchy of needs or priorities remaining different from that of employees, despite this immortalised ‘clarion call’ by Hippokrates of Kos breathing down the neck of employers for 2500 years.  Equalities’ for an employer, ‘is more or less an inconvenience to live with; and for an employee, have to be attended to as its central to optimal performing for the respective employer.  ‘Equalities’ as an issue is caught in the middle hence the ESRL invoking of Hippokrates of Kos ‘clarion call’ for an-in-depth look observed below of select statements gleaned from On-line comments:-

Positives: ‘Equalities’ is comforted  by words/phrases such as ‘…more must be done..’;  ‘  will prepare the necessary changes;  ‘…we recognise there is a problem…’

Negatives: ‘Equalities’ is held down by words/phrases such as ‘…changes will impose extra costs…’; ‘…harsher measures with have negative impact…’, such as, ‘…quality of work will suffer and customers’ will not be happy…’

In the middle: are words/phrases such as ‘…better to tackle these issues together..’;   ‘…we know what a dodgy deal  looks like…’;  ‘…glass ceiling for women in employment has been smashed !!!….’;

Somewhere are the following encouraging observation: ‘…Written guide to employers’ to avoid breaching/breaking the Equalities Act 2010…; ‘…Government procurement will be more imaginatively used in favour of the more ‘Equalities’ sensitive employers….’.

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating commented as follows;

Through an experiment, we can compare how the Equalities Act 2010 ‘protected characteristics fares.  I suspect that two groups will emerge.  One, namely – Age, Disability, Pregnancy and Maternity; Marriage and Partnership; Religion; Sex; Gender reassignment; Sex; Sexuality.  The possibility of artistic experiment to experience and produce a realistic feel of those challenged by these characteristics is unlimited.  Race, as the other, however stands out alone, as the feel and experiences of RACISM cannot be reproduced through artistic experiment nor is it transferable and; any statistical inference from such findings does not and cannot remove the arising emotional injuries.

Editors Notes:

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  3. Below are sampled sources on the uses of ‘words/phrases and experimentations with equalities issues.

Wheelchair councillor denied place in Caerphilly Council chamber:  Cllr James Pritchard, Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Equalities … a councillor charged with improving equality spent some time in a wheelchair…..Caerphilly Observer

UK Minister outlines gambling regulation plans:  Helen Grant, the UK Minister for Sport, Tourism and Equalities, has announced plans to introduce a number of changes to UK gambling regulations…. iGaming Business.

Scots women know a dodgy deal when they see one.. that’s exactly what Alex Salmond is offering GLORIA, who is now the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, believes First Minister Alex Salmond is offering women a dodgy deal with ‘false …Scottish Daily Record

Gloria De Piero: Pressing issues:  However to digress slightly, just as I was penning this congratulatory note to Ms. Piero another bit of good news hit the airwaves regarding equalities, …Hucknall Today

Equalities – British Dietetic AssociationEqualitiesEqualities is a topic that is very important for dietitians who are all different and can all be affected by discrimination based on one of the……

Equality for women isn’t an optional extra:  So are all these areas challenges for the equalities minister or the minister for women? And who will be saying what at the dispatch box? Will it be Mr….The Guardian

Obama To Use Federal Procurement To Encourage Pro-Worker Policies:  The federal government is strongly considering adopting a “High Road Contracting Policy” which would give preference in procurement contracting to companies which offer a living wage, health insurance, pensions and paid sick days….”:  David Dayen Friday February 26, 2010 10.