ESRL asks: Is Racism the house we live in or should live in?

In positing the above topical question, Mr Jacques Derrida a major influence and an authority in unpacking text comes to mind.  Simply put, every describing TEXT has some sort of history.  In the context RACISM, ESRL would have benefited from the methodologies for unpacking the text ‘RACISM’ and closer examination of its history.

Well, in the absence of a Derrida posit, ESRL says if we take RACISM as a house we now live-in, the begging questions are: Should we live in it i.e. no other choices?;  Is it designed to live-in that way i.e. what is the architectures?  Is it a universal house i.e. one view of the human habitat?.  What is not in dispute is that the practices in RACISM house as a living construct survives because it’s designed by non-black people for their comfort and security to live in by locking-out black people.

In risk assessing the RACISM house, ESRL has constructed the following scenarios: In a best case is the spectre of fire starting inside the house or the structure collapsing, forcing the occupants to flee into the safety of black people.  In a worst case an airtight house running out of breathable air killing the non-black occupants, living black people inheriting their earth!  To non-black people, it appears that living with penultimate fear, is more acceptable or preferable than living with black people.  To understand the text RACISM, ESRL suspects Derrida might have posited the above and preceding scenarios.

Transposing the above in all sorts of work places, ESRL says, the construction of work place must have been for the comfort and security of non-black people.  As soon as black people share that space, for pragmatic or necessity, fear of survival or suffocation i.e. RACISM rears its head.  This may be, but one reason for the designing of Equality Act 2010 listing RACE as one of the 9 characteristics that needs addressing in all sorts of work places.

The above has been triggered by the appended readings to quote a few edited anecdotes:

Game changer in a racist house– ‘I came in the US Navy and smashed the entire system ….. I thought it was racist’.

Scaremongering and scapegoating in a racist house – ‘The cost of living does not discriminate by race,…. so why its black people who must be locked out of economic activity’.

Admitting BME / BAME as residents in a racist house – ‘Well they qualify because they are a model minority…. as their voice will be heard but will not travel far’.

Jack Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating Ltd comments as follows:

“The adage ‘We do not re-invent the wheel’ best captures the practices of racism in work place.  It is what this Mr Derrida [RIP] points out about describing text having a history. It is a pointer to ESRL to trace where we are coming from in order to chat the direction of travel.  At this juncture, Equality Act 2010 is a signpost, a marker, a line on the sand, the navigating star, etc. of how far we have come and the treacherous challenges ahead posed by racism in all sorts of work places’.

Editors Notes:

  1. Mr Alecho-oita is available for interviews on 0044-798-459-4876 or
  2. ESRL can be mailed at
  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the deconstructing of racism text’:

Warship’s namesake, Zumwalt, fought racism, sexism…. “He thought it was a racist system. He felt it was appalling that the Navy had only three black captains.” Like its namesake, the new ship is modern…’Daily Mail

Anti-racism at crossroads   ‘ It also comes against the backdrop of Stand up to Racism and Fascism, the successful Unite Against Fascism event in London last month where …’ Morning Star Online

Racism by any other name is racism   ‘Racism by any other name is still racism and it should be put aside and be buried so that the human race can perform hand in hand in order to deal   ‘… News24

Anti-Racism Activists on Colbert: We Will Protest This Until It Ends   ‘Many dismissed the protest we undertook last month with #CancelColbert, a hashtag we set up in response to a blatantly racist Tweet about Asians …’TIME.

‘No evidence’ of institutional racism at Harrow Council, investigating former senior policeman finds      ‘A FORMER senior policeman has found “no evidence” of institutional racism at Harrow Council following a month-long formal probe into the matter     ‘ getwestlondon

Eric Holder claims racism behind tough questioning by Republicans     ‘[While speaking at an event held by Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on Wednesday, Attorney General Eric Holder blamed racism for tough …’

YWCA prepares for ‘Race Against Racism    ‘Racism exists, says Barbara Kohutiak, executive director of the YWCA Carlisle, and it comes in both personal attacks like these and in systemic…’The Sentinel

Hammering Hank Aaron says racism is still alive   ‘It’s unusual to hear professional sports players speak out about racism. Some believe speaking out on something so controversial can only tarnish…‘   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog)

NHS may be guilty of institutional racism, report claims   ‘The NHS has left itself open to accusations of institutional racism after failing to ensure ethnic minorities are represented in senior roles, such as    ‘   Nursing Times

Christiana murder blamed on racism…’Christiana murder blamed on racism … in the North West have accused business people in the area of racism and of indiscriminately opening fire with…’    Eyewitness News

Encountering Racism in Delhi | American Renaissance    ‘Encountering Racism in Delhi. BBC News, April 8, 2014. Many people from the north-east of India now live in big cities like Delhi. This ethnically and   ‘American Renaissance ⋅ Henry Wolff

Holder: Unprecedented Racism Against Me, Obama | Sweetness & Light   ‘Holder: Gohmert Disagreement Example of Unprecedented Racism Against Him and Obama. April 9, 2014. At Al Sharpton’s annual National Action….’   Sweetness & Light ⋅ Steve

Out of Touch Hank Aaron Blames Racism on Obama’s Failures |…. ‘Civil Rights Racist calls on boycott of Kobe Bryant products because he won’t support blacks based on skin color   ‘. ⋅ Fred Deruvo

Why Am I Not Surprised?: Aamer Rahman’s Take On “Reverse Racism    ‘Having trouble believing that the oppression is institutionalized? Well, let’s try looking at it from a little different perspective… Posted by Changeseeker   ‘   Why Am I Not Surprised? ⋅ Changeseeker

Rep. Louie Gohmert blasts Holder for blaming racism | On Air Videos | Fox News – Fox News Video   ‘Congressman discusses Holder slamming critics at Al Sharpton event…’

Twitter / Upworthy: An example of why racism in …’UpworthyVerified account @Upworthy 1h. An example of why racism in the name of sports is still racism via @ClevelandFrowns…’

EuroBrussels – Deputy Director Policy – ENAR – European Network AgainstRacism, Brussels…’Deputy Director Policy Job, ENAR – European Network Against Racism, Brussels, Belgium. European Affairs Jobs in Brussels, EU Institutions and   ‘

Rep. Louie Gohmert blasts Holder for blaming racism | On Air Videos | Fox News – Fox News Video   ‘Live. Rep. Louie Gohmert blasts Holder for blaming racism. Apr. 10, 2014 – 4:02 – Congressman discusses Holder slamming critics at Al Sharpton…’

Racism is the fault line that runs through Australia….’But the descendants of Europe weren’t racists. Just ask them. If you dared. They just saw what they saw, said what they said and believed what they…’   The Age

#CancelColbert: Comedian Stephen Colbert under fire for racially offensive tweet from his Comedy ’The line was taken from a skit about the offensive nature of the name of the Washington Redskins, but was interpreted as a racist joke poking fun at…’   Daily Mail

Racism, art, or both? Thought-provoking artist uses imagery from Southern past…’BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — San Francisco Bay area artist Travis Somerville tackles the issue of racismthrough suggestive, sometimes shocking…’   The Birmingham News –

Getting Ebony to Apologize for Racism Won’t Get the GOP More Black Voters      ‘In a curious turn of events, the Republican National Committee demanded an apology from Ebony for racism — and amazingly, it got one…’   The Wire

Act failing to stop black-on-black racism, says Wesley Aird…’A FORMER member of John Howard’s indigenous advisory council, Wesley Aird, says the current anti-racial vilification regime has done nothing to…’   The Australian

Racism and ’12 Years a Slave’    ‘The film that won Best Picture at the Oscars this year, 12 Years a Slave , is a movie about a free black man living in New York State in the 1840s…’   Algemeiner

Ex-jockey Carl Llewellyn faces racism inquiry…. ‘Former jump jockey Carl Llewellyn is to face a disciplinary hearing after it was alleged he made a racial comment at an event in Gloucestershire…’   BBC News

CSP members join international anti-racism demonstration…  ‘More than 10,000 people took part in the Stand up to Racism and Fascism demonstration, with synchronised events taking place in London, Glasgow…’   Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

It’s about time football kicked out racism for good…  ‘This in a stadium where the constant reminder to “say no to racism” has shut up the ignorant idiots who practise it, but which is still home to boneheads…’

The Layup Drill — Racism in NFL, baseball is back, and good news for UW golfer…. ‘If you were to ask me, this seems like one of the most racist things you can do. The trainer likely went along with their jokes for the simple fact that he… ‘   Northwest Asian Weekly

Lebanese Launch Campaign in Support of Syrians Facing Racism · Global Voices…  ‘The Campaign in Support of Syrians facing Racism (Arabic: الحملة الداعمة للسوريين بوجه العنصريّة) was launched on the 21st of March, 2014, on the…’   Global Voices ⋅ Joey Ayoub

Mandate of the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary Forms of Racism  – US Mission Geneva…  ‘The United States has consistently sought to support practical and concrete efforts to end racism and racial discrimination wherever it occurs…’  US Mission Geneva ⋅ NP

The Immoral Minority: Stephen Colbert humorously mocks the Redskins overracism on his show   ‘Stephen Colbert humorously mocks the Redskins over racism on his show, predicts that certain “small minded” people will not get the joke. Michelle…’  The Immoral Minority ⋅ Gryphen

BBC faces £1MILLION racism lawsuit over Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘slope’ – the patriot. – Blogger…  ‘They say she is one of a group of people who were offended by the term – and so sought legal advice from the firm, who previously worked on racism…’  THE PATRIOT. ⋅ Bolton BNP » How Institutional Racism Affects Blacks Even in Early Childhood… ‘The Department of Education recently released a report showing that of pre-schoolers who are suspended in American public schools…’ ⋅ admin

Comedian Hari Kondabolu Talks About Racism on Letterman – COLORLINES… ‘Comedian Hari Kondabolu performed a snippet of his debut comedy album “Waiting for 2042” on the “Late Show With David Letterman” this week…’   Colorlines ⋅ Jamilah King

Racism on the rise in India… ‘Many from the northeastern community are now campaigning for an anti-racism law to deal with apparent hate crimes. The North East India Forum….’  The Nation

O’Farrell: Racism is always wrong… ‘O’Farrell: Racism is always wrong (01:27). NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has declared that vilification on the grounds of race or religion is ‘always…’   Brisbane Times

Study: Racism fueled by violent video games… ‘That’s the question asked in light of a disturbing new study that links racism with violent video games. Media sources report the study, conducted by…’   Florida Courier

City festival unites against racism… The Standing Together Against Racism Festival (STAR) will span three days and feature a host of community activities involving music, dance, chat…’   Lancashire Evening Post

Campaigners behind Lincoln anti-racism march urge residents to join national demonstration… Campaigners behind the anti-racism march that took place in Lincoln two months ago are urging people to join them in London for a national…’   Lincolnshire Echo

Year after racism incident and Arsenal starlet is training with first-team…. ‘Year after racism incident and Arsenal starlet is training with first-team · Mathew Nash. 6 hours ago. Emirates Stadium. Mathew Nash. 6 hours ago….’   Here Is The City

OUSU apologises as competition escalates between anti-racismTumblrs… ‘OUSU was dragged into a debate between opposing anti-racism Tumblr accounts last night after it apologised for publicising one campaign over the ….’   Oxford Student

One Direction’s Harry Styles in racism row…  ‘Lots of the accusations of racism came from supposed fans on the social networking site. Many tweeted to voice their concerns over the black and….’

Candidate MEPs asked to take stand against racism…. ‘They are being asked, by The People for Change Foundation, to sign a pledge calling on them endorse a pledge against racism, and to ensure that…’   Times of Malta

Can black people be racist?… ‘RACISM IS about prejudice and power. It includes the ability to access resources, being able to control it and decide who is restricted from it…’  The Voice Online

Brave souls walk away from racism…  ‘Brave souls walk away from racism. Staff / Campbell River Courier Islander March 15, 2014 12:52 PM. Email; Print. walk. Ken Enns and Tucker….’  Courier Islander

High School Basketball Coach Quits Due To Student Racism…  ‘The Mahopac (N.Y.) High School boys basketball coach resigned yesterday, two weeks after students and players at his school were accused of using…’   Deadspin

Maroons duo Johnathan Thurston and Justin Hodges join campaign to end racial abuse in rugby   ‘ “It’s time for racism in sport and society to stop,” Hodges said. “We need parents to be role models and for my old man to cop that abuse, when he is   ‘  Courier Mail

Italy: Moroccan Team Victim of Racism | Morocco World News…  ‘We remain in the field because otherwise, it would mean a defeat by racism,” Youssef Laazizi, a defender with Casablanca team was quoted by the….’  Morocco World News ⋅ Larbi Arbaoui

AR-Treasurer: Dennis Milligan Likes Racism | Matt Campbell’s Blue Hog Report…  ‘AR-Treasurer candidate Dennis Milligan (R-Krispy Kreme) has an innate ability, matched by very few other self-aware mammals, to intentionally do…’   Matt Campbell’s Blue Hog Report ⋅ Matt Campbell

Racism in Japanese soccer ignites concerns…  ‘Urawa Reds Diamonds, following its fans displaying a racist banner at a home game in Saitama against Sagan Tosu FC March 8, has been ordered…’   Business Standard

Our struggle against racism…  ‘A DAY of action against racism has been called for across Europe on March 22 to coincide with the marking of UN Anti-Racism Day in 2014, with eyes…’  Herald Scotland

Racism Awareness Week vital, Kakekaspen…  ‘Sioux Lookout is gearing up for Racism Awareness Week, which kicks off Sunday. The annual week is organized by the Sioux Lookout Anti-Racism…’  Kenora Online

Rape Racism and Raunchiness Run Amok on Canadian Campus…  ‘Little would one suspect that a prominent and respected Canadian campus has run amok with rape, racism, and overall raunchiness as of late…’  Guardian Liberty Voice

Racism, militarism and ultra-capitalism: The government’s real vision…  ‘Three major laws were passed in the Knesset this week: One against the Palestinians parties, the second against the Orthodox, and the third against  +972 Magazine – Independent commentary from Israel and the Palestinian territories

Harry Styles sparks ‘racism‘ row after posing in Native American headdress – and his critics were….  ‘I love harry and i’m sure he’s not ‘racist‘ but we shouldn’t turn a blind eye.” On Friday the account, which is followed by many UK 1D fans was tweeting….’

Slater: no place for racism in our game…  ‘Racism and hooliganism in the terraces should never be tolerated because it is co-ordinated, premeditated and cowardly. There is nothing brave…’   Fox Sports

Urawa win despite fan racism scare…  ‘Urawa Red Diamonds beat J-League champions Sanfrecce Hiroshima 2-0 on Saturday, appearing unscathed on the pitch despite fans being…’   SBS

Undoing racism…  ‘Erika Smith’s March 9 column, “Accepting racial pain is step to better community,” summarized a portion of the dilemma that America faces. Many of us….’   Indianapolis Star

Soccer: Moroccan team reconsiders quitting over racism…  ‘To leave would mean that racists have won, said members of the Casablanca team, which earlier complained of enduring insults week after week. ANSAmed

You can’t put the shit back in the cow: a note on racism in Italy and in Italian wine today | Do Bianchi…  ‘Compare it to American racism, which, until now and even today, has been unconscious class hatred. But from the moment that negroes began to…’  Do Bianchi ⋅ Do Bianchi

Be Still My Heart: Yokohama Publicly Decries Racism! | Loco in Yokohama…  ‘Some of the most popular questions I get asked by readers pertain to why I’ve stayed in Japan, why I moved to Yokohama? Well…those who read my….’  Loco in Yokohama  Locohama

football – Polar agrees to deal with racism in football Japan –…  ‘Japan is football day in advance and is one of the major powers of the ancient continent . Eye Badamyha though great progress in the past decade…’  football ⋅ mbisarzamin

Mental health of marginalized youth affected by violence, poverty, racism | Faculty of Education…  ‘The mental health of marginalized and racialized youth is compromised early in life by exposure to and experiences with violence, poverty, racism,…’ Faculty of Education ⋅ acoward

When “Diversity” Means “No White People Allowed”: Backfire Racism At Puget Sound College   ‘White people were specifically uninvited. “If you want to create space for white folks to meet and work onracism, white supremacy, and white privilege….’   Political Vel Craft ⋅ Volubrjotr

Theories of Race and Racism now on Academia.Edu | PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR…  ‘I’ve used essays from it before and I guess now it’s open access: Theories of Race and Racism | Ali Demirkaya –….’   PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR ⋅ Peter Gratton

Imams, misogyny, racism & accountability | Weblog of Dawud Walid…  ‘Imams, misogyny, racism & accountability. Within the past month, there have been two situations that have captured the attention of American Muslims…’  Weblog of Dawud Walid ⋅ dawudwalid

Snap, Kaká and Pop!: Racism rears its ugly head in Brazilian football…  ‘Racism rears its ugly head in Brazilian football. Brazil often presents itself – or is presented from without – as a bastion of racial harmony, the rainbow….’   Snap, Kaká and Pop! ⋅ snapkakapop

Lem’s Levity: “Is racism making you FAT? Victims of prejudice are at greater risk of obesity”…  ‘”Researchers found relationship between racism and obesity was strongest among women who were frequent victims of prejudice. The study was….’   Lem’s Levity ⋅ Lem

The Pincher Creek Voice: Smashing racism at Matthew Halton High School…  ‘For a small fee the students could help demolish a car. “It’s mainly symbolic,” said Principal Sandra McDuffe. The students have been studying racism…’  The Pincher Creek Voice ⋅ Toni Lucas