ESRL Asks: Is Racism about blaming black people for all things that wrong!

There are at least two arising hypotheses to the above question: (i)  Pick any employment place managing discrimination, you will find all sorts of constructs, contingencies, addressing/redressing tools suggesting that things will go wrong.  (ii)  Pick any public/private dialogue/conversation about racism at a work place, the underlying anxiety or apprehension is about something is wrong.  This throws up a few conundrums, such as:

(a)  The prevalence of mechanisms to surround/contain discrimination must be that things will and do go wrong!!; (b)  In an environment, where black employees are absent do not go wrong and penultimately nothing to discuss!!

The above viewed against ‘Economic recession’; ESRL wonders if it’s black people who trigger it! as statics show…  ‘blacks are more likely to lose their jobs’ and ….‘blacks are less likely to be hired’….. ‘either way’ …… ‘to kick-start the economic recovery’.  With hindsight, employers’ action/reaction may well be informed by the history of the economic relations between ‘black employees’ and ‘others’ as such action/reactions are backed by financial/productivity figures.  Discuss! If not:

Looking at another phenomena – ‘Crime/fear of crime/criminality’; ESRL wonders if the construct and outcomes of International Criminal Court [ICC] institutionalises the attitude that both ‘black employees or employers’ must be contained to stop things going wrong.  Discuss!

ESRL says that the UK Equalities Act 2010 simply suggest that ‘employers need to redesign their actions on ‘protected characteristic’ on how employees impact/affect each other.

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating comments as follows;

‘Unfortunately, an employee will rub the employer the wrong way by invoking issues that even sail close to discrimination i.e. saying/singing ‘I am black and Proud’.  Even if one is listened to it always, the relationships will have been irreparable impared leaving one to watch ones back.

Editors Notes:

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  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the question on ‘racism management’ as signs of things going wrong in employment’.

Tony Abbott warned anew to repeal part of Racial DiscriminationAct: ‘What I have said and what the prime minister has said is that the government is committed to repealing from the Racial Discrimination Act those The Guardian

UN/ICC RACIAL DISCRIMINATION: Targets only non-western non-white nations: ‘When the Treaty for an international court is hastily drafted in 4 weeks by a Coalition of NGOs and is almost 70% funded by EU member nations and …’ Lankaweb

Class-action suit against Power & Light shed light on racial discrimination at district claimed that there were three instances that happened between 2010 or 2011 wherein the two experienced racial discrimination despite the fact that …’ Lawyer Herald

J. League and media must show red card to racism: ‘None of the initial reports called out the incident for what it was: racialdiscrimination (jinshu sabetsu). News outlets such as Kyodo, Asahi, Mainichi, …’ The Japan Times

We, too, are OSU: ‘The march was organized in light of recent acts of racial discrimination on campus, including a note of hate speech delivered to the Women’s Center …’ Dailybarometer

Beware the power of racial slurs to dehumanise:  ‘Locusts! This creature of darkness increasingly represents many Hong Kong citizens’ disdain for, and discrimination against, a menacing Other….’ South China Morning Post

OPINION: Racism still dished out on a daily basis: ‘THE outcry over the racist note posted by a publican in Coolgardie in  was only possible because of the suspension of the Racial Discrimination Act….’ Newcastle Herald

It feels like I have lost; do I run or resist? ‘And all panellists agreed Brandis should drop the government’s plan to loosen the Racial DiscriminationAct’s restrictions on free speech, which the …’ Herald Sun

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination | ‘The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is on the 21st of March is to propagate the importance and necessity of the coexisting …’ ⋅ admin

Race-hate war is already won: ‘TONY Abbott promised to repeal the “racial hatred” section (18c) of the Racial Discrimination Act “in its current form”. George Brandis promised to …’The Australian

Right-wing think tank IPA says George Brandis is backtracking onrace hate laws: ‘On ABC1’s Q&A program on Monday, Senator Brandis said the Abbott government was determined to repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination …’The Age

Fair-housing group accuses bank of discrimination: ‘This house in the Campostella Heights neighborhood of Norfolk is one of those cited by the National Fair Housing Alliance in a racial discrimination …’ The Virginian-Pilot

Lawsuit accuses Las Vegas Realtors’ Association of racial bias: ‘The 11,000-member Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors is the defendant in the lawsuit, which claims the group has a history of discrimination …’ Las Vegas Review-Journal

Mathematician Lee Lorch fought tirelessly against racism: ‘ Lee Lorch made an enduring contribution to the civil rights cause with his tireless campaigns against racial discrimination which repeatedly cost him …’ Toronto Star

Everett fully denies racism within Police Department in court papers: ‘EVERETT – The Everett Police Department is denying allegations of persistent internal racial discrimination marring its staff promotion practices in the …’ Snohomish County Tribune

Recessions breed racism and discrimination, says LSE: ‘Self-reported racial prejudice rose during times of economic strife regardless of background, the researchers add, affecting the highly educated, …’ The Information Daily

‘Police still guilty of institutional racism’: ‘“Additionally we work with the Ipswich and Suffolk Council for Racial  and behaviour which amount todiscrimination through unwitting prejudice, …’ East Anglian Daily Times

Lawsuit alleges racial discrimination in Kansas City entertainment district: ‘A class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of African-Americans who claim to have experienced racial discrimination at Kansas City’s Power & Light …’ Kansas City Star

1 in 10 have suffered ‘racial discrimination‘, report finds: ‘… racism More than 1 in 10 students and workers at the University say they have feltdiscriminated against because of their race or ethnic background, …’ York Vision

Renewed call for crackdown on racial discrimination in A-League: ‘Renewed call for crackdown on racial discrimination in A-League  Community leaders have renewed calls to address discrimination after Sydney FC …’ SBS

Fired Harborside manager sues city, claims racial discrimination: ‘The former General Manager of city-owned Harborside Event Center in Fort Myers is suing the city over her firing. In a federal lawsuit, Rose Rundle …’ WZVN-TV

Judge dismissed former employee’s racial discrimination lawsuit against Lynchburg City Schools: ‘U.S. District Judge Norman Moon ruled on Friday that there was no credible evidence in the case’s record of discrimination against Hayes because of …’ Greenfield Daily Reporter

Former employee files lawsuit against Schwann alleging racial discrimination: ‘Now, he has filed a federal lawsuit alleging racial discrimination. Sandeep Gupta said his supervisors had been mistreating him because of his …’ KHOU

Contractor’s Race-Bias Claims Face Fourth Trial: ‘(CN) – A minority-owned contractor booted from a large public housing project in Virginia has standing to bring racial discrimination and retaliation …’ Courthouse News Service

ABN Amro Lawyer’s Unfair Firing Not Due to Race, Judges Say (1): ‘ABN Amro’s former U.K. head of legal, Angela Cobbina, 41, who is black, sued the Dutch lender saying she was subjected to racial discrimination by …’ Businessweek

Metro policeman files racial discrimination case: ‘A former Metro policeman has filed a federal lawsuit against the police department and Metro government claiming a pattern of racial discrimination….’

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League One – Wolves complain over ‘racist abuse’: “Both Wolves and Walsall are fiercely committed to stamping out all types ofdiscrimination within football and will vigorously investigate all allegations …’ Yahoo Eurosport UK