ESRL Asks: What can employers do to kick-out racism?

ESRL Asks: What can employers do to kick-out racism?

This question is posited against the spread of viruses which according to ESRL racism is one.  Studies on viruses assert that its present in every living organism but one Malcom Gladwell, who authored ‘The Tipping Point’ says external factor causes it to tip and become virulent.  Then all manner of resources are mobilised, if negative, to control or eliminate it; if positive propagate it. 

Probably the master communicator, President Bill Clinton’s who on 28 June 2000 in an epilogue to a book The Tipping Point’ saidto quote:

‘…it reaches a kind of tipping point and people kind of get it….’ to paraphraseif negative do the needful if positive embrace it.

In light of all the above, ESRL urges employers to view racism as a negative virus which Her Majesty’s Government recognised as having reached a tipping point by enacting Equalities Act 2010 on protected characteristics.  This urged employers to pull all stops to eliminate discrimination and discriminatory practices at work place especially racism that debilitates the mind; and ‘people have to get it’.

Well, use of technology has split in two ways, the tacking this process, namely a covert one which is biological and debilitates the body of any living organism; and the overt one spread by public media which inhabits the mind of human beings for either positive or negative ends.  In overt context, ESRL suggest that the Meerkat advert best captures the positive element of it.  Meerkat advert can be said to be an external factor that changed the way attention is paid to television adverts and marketing of products to a positive end.  No one now remembers the Meerkat’s:

‘Journey of Consciousness’ from Kalahari desert to Russia shaped by ‘courageousness’, ‘fearlessness’ and ‘ambitiousness to build a business empire’ i.e. ‘’.

In the minds of television addicts meerkat’s adverts are now a significant influence in pushing and choosing products.  This is a positive virus which model ESRL urges employers to embrace because they have the capacity to propagate anti-racism it.

In light of the above, ESRL urges employers to emulate the ‘meerkat’ Journey of Consciousness’ to building a business empire by rating themselves as the most sensitive equalities employer.  Her Majesty’s government kick-started the campaign to kick out racism by enacting the Equalities act 2010 and employers must pull out all stops not only to publicise but use it to build their businesses.

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating comments as follows;

‘The mind is a very interesting phenomena that can cope with both the positive and negative things such as virulent viruses.  Unfortunately, racism is so virulent and debilitating that all stops have to be pulled out to cleanse the mind of its effect.  This can be done by populating the minds with racism cleansing models.  Transparency about racism in a working environment is a good starting point.

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  3. 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