Equalities Stakeholder Corporate Performance Rating (5Es)

This service measures how employees ‘feel’, while employed, about their employer/employment experience being ‘Empowering’; ‘Efficient’; ‘Economic’; ‘Equitable; and ‘Effective’. It measures the emotions and sentiments of their lived experiences in employment. The rating service provides employers with ‘what’ is really going on as perceived by employees such as the unsaid, unspoken, the nods and wink that determine or shape employees sentiments and emotions. ESRL believes this Corporate Performance Ratting service raises the transparency bar of ‘what’ is really ‘going on’ in the hearts and minds of employees. Feel’ is about such things as how and what one falls in or out of love with; what one comes to like or dislike; what one selects to hear or shut out; what ones commits to engage with or disengage from, etc in employment.