CONFRONTATION SPORTS: Discrimination and Prejudice in all sorts of work environment.

CESRL reads with horror that in the year AD2014 prejudices and discrimination still take centre-stage as a confrontation sport in all sorts of work environment.  The tape held by all sorts of employers enticing and encouraging employees taking part with rented crowd to cheer them on read:

  • Confront discrimination and you will be paid or rewarded.
  • Discrimination and prejudice sport is good for business.

ESRL argues this cruel and indignifying sport has to be ended.  Society has consented to the law ‘Equality Act 2010‘ on ‘protected characteristics’ to end this sport.  This law is in place to persuade employers to be ‘transparent’ on ‘protected characteristics’.

ESRL asserts, none of the ‘protected characteristic’ is safe from being a subject or subjected to this cruel and indignifying sport, encouraged by ‘reward and compensation’.  Society, may enjoy the outcome, through individuals taking part, but live in shame.  The penultimate beneficiary are employers who encourage it.

Below are sampled readings that suggest discrimination / prejudice is a good sport and good for business and good for employers:

Stratford marks UN day for elimination of racial discrimination

The Guardian Charlottetown

Established six years ago, the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discriminationis celebrated annually on March 21 with a 

    NYC Fire Department agrees to settle on $98 M racial discrimination lawsuit Lawyer Herald NYC Fire Department agrees to settle on $98 M racial discrimination lawsuit. comments; print. email. By Staff Writer. Mar 19, 2014 07:13 PM EDT.

Is state senator’s discrimination stance a symbol of Rand Paul’s America?
The Grio Basically, Paul and Jensen believe that racial discrimination is bad business and that the free market would eradicate racial discrimination because 

Crikey Racial vilification: why defenders of section 18C fail Crikey “There has been too much heat and not enough light on these matters,” RaceDiscrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane said about the 

Washington Post Obama Awards Medals of Honor to 24 Veterans Denied Because of Discrimination Atlanta Black Star  had displayed exceptional courage in Vietnam, Korea and World War II, but were denied the prestigious medal because of racial discrimination.

Racism awareness week
Wawatay News In recognition of International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21, two separate committees are hosting anti-racism 

Crikey (blog) Mundine leaves many questions unanswered about future of Indigenous health programs & funding Crikey (blog) But he said his stand on the Racial Discrimination Act was proof of its independence, and his described as “bizarre” shock columnist Andrew Bolt’s Cambridge forced to drop ‘racist‘ May Ball theme “The black characters fulfil every derogatory racist stereotype of the ‘slave’,  calling on students to speak out about racial discrimination on campus.

Minority groups condemn SRA race report
Legal Futures Also, “no consideration was given to the concept of ‘indirect racial discrimination‘ where a policy or practice leads to a far greater likelihood of AU Sky Bet League One: Walsall cleared by FA over allegations ofracial abuse SkySports  community and beyond and are committed to social inclusion. “Walsall is a multi-cultural town and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.”