ESRL Asks: Is it possible to forecast RACISM in employment like the weather?

In the UK going to work is a very serious and costly exercise.  First, one has to select a suitable wear for a particular day, second the same must be appropriate for the working environment and; third it must be pleasing to the employer.  In this sequence, employees religiously listen to the English weather forecast which influences the choice of wear for the day and the rest as a matter of course.  However at the back of each employees’ mind is the saying ‘you cannot trust the English weather’, which they take in their stride if the weather changes from the forecast.  In short UK employees never lose hope intrusting the weather forecast. 

Lets remember 1987 when a Mr Michael Fish’s a professional weather forecaster dismissed a caller to the weather studio that ‘do not to worry about impending storm’ which eventually swept the island with untold and costly consequences’. 

Lets remember 2012 when Prince Charles made a pitch as a weather forecaster.  No one called the studio to suggest that they did not believe Prince Charles and the weather turned out as he forecast. 

Now lets look inside the employers shelter, by substituting the word ‘weather’ for ‘racism’ what comes in mind is the need for ‘racism forecasts’ so that employees are given all the opportunities to prepare suitably to braze the daily challenges of racism

Employees do engage each other without being conscious of prevalence of racism in their working environment.  For example, they encounter a loosely oft-used but pointed statements such as ‘do not go there’; ‘don’t even go there’ etc., etc.  This is a soft end of racism as the one cautioning, has some insight on ‘racism’ and therefore defends it from examined, while the cautioned braze through it unknowingly.  ESRL suggests that such ‘remarks’ go under cover of soft racism because of no loss of life or loss of livehood is experienced; and so brushed off as ‘hurt’; dismissed as ‘get a life’; shrugged-off as ‘we can live with it’‘has a chip on his/her shoulder’; etc. etc.

Like the weather, racism can change in intensity by going beyond ‘hurt’ i.e. lead to strife, loss of livelihood or loss of life’.  In this context employers are demanded to be responsible and confront racism.  ESRL suggest this may be one of the reasons the UK government enacted the Equalities Act 2010 to encourage employers to be sensitive to protected characteristics before it gets out of control.  No doubt its costly to deal with loss of life or loss of livelihood hence race sensitivity is at the fore of the Act.  Equalities Act 2010 is a ‘race weather warning’ and employers need to organise the working envorment sensitive to race issues.

Under the protection of the UK Equalities Act 2010, ESRL argues that employers should build a ‘racism forecasts’ tool to shield employees from racism.  This in turn with make employers more race sensitive.  Its cheaper to deal racism at a soft level before it changes in intensity.

A ‘Mr Fisher’ or a ‘Prince Charles’ ‘racism forecast’ may not be trusted but employers are obliged to pay attention to ‘racism forecast’ because of its employees, who will trust it, at least.

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating comments as follows;

‘Unfortunately, emotional damage can be inflicted while being protective.  This is because the unsaid, the unmentioned, the uncompleted, the unattended to, etc., etc., leaves the protected wondering why they are being protected.  Transparency about racism in a working environment best prepare one for the challenges dealing with it.

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  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the forecasting on ‘racism remarks’ to enable employees prepare to deal with it.  Group of youths shouted racist remarks and assaulted takeaway worker      Police are appealing for the public’s assistance to trace those responsible for shouting racist remarks and attacking the shop worker at Kohe Noor in …  Austrian leader calls on racism row MEP to quit       Austrian President Heinz Fischer has said that a far right candidate should withdraw from European elections because of racist comments. Andreas … BBC News.   Racist graffiti hits west-end Ottawa business    “It’s shocking that in Ottawa and in 2014 we’re still dealing with racist remarks,” says her friend Alia Al-Shalchi, “especially in Westboro where it’s a hip … CTV News    Still Game actor set for court case     SCOTTISH actor Paul Riley is expected to give evidence for the defence case of a businessman who allegedly shouted racist remarks at a restaurant … Herald Scotland.–is-that-even-possible-9233131.html    Cornish surfers and their white-on-white racism – is that even possible?      But the whole point about racist remarks and jokes is that they depend on historic power imbalances: white people can’t joke about black people … The Independent.   Former Caldwell County Emergency Services leader apologizes for racist remarks; lawsuit settled    WILKESBORO, NC — Caldwell County employee Gail Colbert was satisfied with a letter of apology read in court Monday in Wilkes County by her … Hickory Daily Record     US rapper makes racist comments about Sikh     New York, USA: An American rapper has made racist comments about a Sikh man in a picture he posted on a website but withdrew it later after … SikhSangat News    Letter: What’s worse? Bertrand’s comments, or Marois supporting her?   I am not sure what is worse: Janette Bertrand uttering such stupid, racist remarks, or Pauline Marois right there beside her on Sunday supporting her … Montreal Gazette    US Rapper Makes Racist Remarks About a Sikh     An American rapper has made racist comments about a Sikh man in a picture he posted on a website but withdrew it later after drawing flak for his … Outlook    Wilders’ election strategy in shambles after racist remarks     Following a racist comment by Geert Wilders last week, his party took a dive in the polls, and lost several members, including its lead candidate for the ... EurActiv   Are Aussies racist or just unfriendly?   You don’t have to venture far from your front door in Australia to encounter racist attitudes or hear racist remarks and jokes. I’m sure, however, I wasn’t … Sydney Morning Herald    Rick Scott’s Top Latino Fundraiser Leaves Campaign After Campaign Made Racist Jokes     Scott’s campaign manager Melissa Sellers tried to downplay the severity of theracist remarks that supposedly motivated Fernandez’s departure, but … Hispanically Speaking News    Zambia under-17 women national soccer team complains of racist remarks at World Cup tournament    Venezuela beat Zambia 4-0 during a Group A match on Wednesday with some Zambian players claiming that they were subjected to racism remarks … Shanghai Daily (subscription)    Amherst Teacher Targeted In Series Of Racial Attacks    Principal Mark Jackson says that was the third time this year African-American math teacher Carolyn Gardner has been targeted by racist remarks.     abc40     A black & non-white issue    Such covertly racist remarks, dressed up as ‘friendly banter’ or ‘joke’, have become part of non-white students’ daily encounters at Oxford and … The Hindu    Are Moroccans Racist Towards Sub-Saharan Immigrants?     The same way as we, Moroccans, felt offended by the racist remarks made in recent days by Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders, we should feel … Morocco World News    Arrest after racist attack… via Niddrie House Square, Edinburgh, on Sunday afternoon when a group of youths allegedly shouted racist remarks and threw stones at him.    Herald Scotland.    Boy, 15, arrested after racist attack on Polish man in Edinburgh     Boy, 15, arrested after racist attack on Polish man in Edinburgh … when a group of youths allegedly shouted racist remarks and threw stones at him.     Herald Scotland    Teenager arrested in connection with racist attack… home via Niddrie House Square, Edinburgh, on Sunday afternoon when a group of youths allegedly shouted racist remarks and threw stones at him … Herald Scotland    Edinburgh teen charged over alleged racist attack     A FIFTEEN-year-old boy has been arrested in connection with a racist … a group of youths allegedly shouted racist remarks and threw stones at him.     Scotsman     Rich Lowry: Ryan Called Racist for Making Same Remarks as Obama    Sen. Paul Ryan has been labeled a racist for raising the same points President Barack Obama made about the breakdown of work in relation to …    LETTER: GOP has done more for blacks than Democrats    Alvin Holmes’ recent racist remarks should be offensive to all blacks, … His remarks about U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and other … Tuscaloosa Magazine….   The dark side of Brazil: Congressman receives Survival’s ‘Racistof the year’ award ….It makes me sad and angry to hear these politicians’ hateful and racist comments. With the World Cup only a few months away, the world needs to see … Survival International     CHINESE WIFE CANNOT SAVE YOU! Apologize or resign calls to deputy minister over racist rape  How can I be a racist when my wife is Chinese and I have many relatives who are non-Muslims or Malays,” he said when asked to clarify his remarks. ……Malaysia Chronicle     Shaadaab S Bakht: Racism well-served ….Like thousands of so-called cultured people I too subsequently filled myself with right anti-racist remarks when among its victims, some of them … Gulf Today     Racism warning issued on Harmony Day ….AUSTRALIAN children from Muslim, Greek, Catholic, Jewish, Armenian, Anglican and indigenous backgrounds are hanging out together to help … Herald Sun     Fighting racism: seeing all as human beings – Denison Jayasooria ….Racism continues to be a real problem in contemporary society. This is a global crisis not specific to a country but across major countries of the world.     The Malaysian Insider    Racism has no place in Islam …The African-American legend, Malcolm X, who was battling racism in the 1960s in America, found the solutions to this social disease in Islam, in the … Saudi Gazette…     Seamus Shows Racism The Red Card    Established in 1996, Show Racism the Red Card is an anti-racism educational charity that utilises the high-profile status of football and football players … Everton Football     Is Racism the New Black? review – a light approach to Australia’s dark side      Racism and comedy have never been easy bedfellows. 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The act itself is racist. There were more black models working in the ’70s than there are … marie claire magazine Australia…    US empire cannot last on racism, war – Islamic Invitation Turkey    The US empire cannot last for another hundred years by relying on “racism, war, brutal predatory capitalism, and Islamophobia,” says Dr. Randy Short … Islamic Invitation Turkey ⋅ İslâmi Davet     Rectifying the Historic and Continuing Mistake of Racism in US Society | Black Politics on the Web    It’s a sad reminder of the persistence of racism in the U.S. that it took a law passed in 2002 for Congress to review Jewish, Latino, and … Black Politics on the Web ⋅ The Admin