ESRL ASKS: Is RACISM in Employment being Dry-cleaned!!

This question is best unpacked by the following scenario:

The scenario:  Take a machine called ‘dry-cleaner’ that expels dirt from clothing without using water.  This tech-wizard is a marvel for its’ minimalist use of resources, time; and is environmentally friendly.  The clothes do get old as a matter of course and replaced by new ones as a necessity.

The substitute in employment to the above scenario is as follows:

The Substitute:  If ‘dirt’ is a ‘black’ employee; Tech-wizardry is spreading ‘racism’ so thin and unrecognisably using ‘ear-friendly’ words/phrases; ‘old’ is old racism’ replaced by ‘new racism’ soft to the ears and eyes. 

The above scenario and substitute is unsuspectingly played out in public lectures, seminars, workshops, conferences, awareness campaigns, media ads, and; powerful/moving political speeches on equalities issues where all types of  tech-wizardry is used to persuade the offended that ‘racism’ is ‘drying up’.

ESRL suggest that in employment technology is being used to construct and churn-out ‘friendly/inoffensive’ words/phrases for purposes of spreading racism so thin and unrecognisable i.e. soft to ears and the eyes.  Where, at the push of a button on a Google Search, an employer can have combinations of words/phrases for addressing or to dress-up any emotional injuries arising from racism or discriminatory practices; the offended are not likely to easily recognise that ‘old racism’ is being dried and ‘new/sophisticated/ gleaming racism’ is being produced.

ESRL’s worry, in this context is that the UK Equalities Act 2010 constructed to persuade employers to be sensitive to identified equalities characteristics will in time be ‘dry-cleaned’.  The caveat in the UK Equalities Act 2010 that ‘A failure in respect of a performance of a duty under section 1 does not confer a cause of action at private law’ will be ‘refreshed’, leaving the affected employees experiencing racism worse off.

The following selected range of phrases/words capture some use of technology in dry-cleaning racism in employment:  

  • ‘…am good judge of capability and I say you cannot do it… ’ – a black-skinned person exceling in use of technology is less black. 
  • ‘…a good or commendable piece of work or picture but could do with some improvements …’ implying black value judgement must be pass acceptability test.
  • ‘…racist offences at work place is depended on the words/phrases used to describe the incident….’  implying technology is available to put together a combination(s) of less or inoffensive or acceptable words/phrases.
  • ‘…no!! no!! no!! no!!! it’s not because they don’t like me, but because they don’t like the way I look…’   implying technology is helpful in splitting a black person into ‘a person’ and ‘look’.
  • ‘…is becoming less and less white….’ implying black can also be white’
  • ‘…you are not genuine black….’ implying you are more white than black.
  • Etc., etc.

ESRL argues that racists are employing technology to find or hide innate racism or racist tendencies. 

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating comments as follows;

‘Unfortunately, the natural fault line of ‘black skin’ and ‘the rest’ clearly identifies the starting point for ‘racism’.  This is complemented by histories showing that the socio-economic and political path of human development of, for, and by black people were stunted by ‘the rest’…’  The task for ‘the rest’ is how to maintain their ‘socio-economic and political control hence the use of technology to dry-clean racism.  It is about ‘the rest’ wanting to appear caring about black skinned people…’ ‘… I rest my case’.

Editors Notes:

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  2. ESRL can be mailed at
  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the question on ‘the prevalent use of technology in dry-cleaning racism in employment’:

Racism exists in Hindi film industry: “Mumbai: Be it off-screen or onscreen, Bollywood has an ugly belly that hides innumerable tales of racism and elitism, especially against outsiders….”.  Jagran Post

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Anger Rises Over Racism in India: ‘A photograph of Nido Taniam who was killed in a racist attack is displayed at the Arunachal Bhawan in New Delhi. Credit…..’: Bijoyeta Das/IPS. Inter Press Service

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