ESRL asks: Is Google’s transparency on diversity an earthquake or a hurricane?

Dateline: Monday June 2 2014: In a London Metro Newspaper, Ross McGuinness’ asks: If Googles decision to be transparent could help redress the balance in future’.  

In giving Googles’ transparency on diversity some attention, Ross’ blog could be read as sharing an earth-moving event, simply because Goole is a global business. In which case, we in ESRL, would suggest that a significant shift in race discrimination at work place is shifting.

On second take, Ross McGuinness blog instead has directed the readers towards gender imbalance in employment.  This is a history-honoured experience through equal opportunities in employment, female breaking through the glass ceiling, etc.  It’s what is can be variously described as called dump-squid, dead on arrival, empty tin, etc.  In this context, ESRL redirects readers that the UK Office of National Statistics has extended ‘transparency’ in gender imbalance in employment by publishing the figures used to read adjustments in gender composition in employment.

If Googles’ OPEN LISTING’ on employment transparency is an earth moving event then the UK Equalities Act 2010 persuading employers to pay heed to ‘protected characteristics’ in employment will increasingly come into sharper focus.  Ross McGuinness is attempting to dilute the race imbalance as a critical category of ‘protected characteristics’ by flagging ‘gender imbalance’ above race.  ESRL suggests that shift in the employment landscape faithful to the protected characteristics is ripe for reshaping.

Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating quipped;

‘Google is a global-level employer and transparency in employment is in its hands.  It is within Googles’ grasp to guide the ‘Earth quaking’ or ‘hurricaning’ transparency in race composition in employment.

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