ESRL Asks: In there a fight back or real push back against RACISM or just smokescreens?

The topical question is posted from military postures that undergirds governance of human society to highlight this grave matter of RACISM in work place.  ESRL makes this association because employment is the highest human endeavour to produce in an ordered way err militarily organised.

WHY or WHAT is MILITARY? In this limited context at work places, it is about all sorts of low-level adversarial power play amongst different skin colours, which outcome:- to take or join the given winning side of non-black skin.  Under this aegis are SMOKE SCREENS, to quote: (i) ‘a mass of dense artificial smoke used to conceal military areas or operations from an enemy’ (ii) ‘An action or statement used to conceal actual plans or intentions.

The above describes the work place ‘operations/staff manual’ and the four smokescreen scenarios below – all well-concealed with attendant threats and chilling consequences if one falls out-of-line.  The construction is premised on adversarial relationship that cascades from top-down – no prizes for guessing who is usually at the bottom.  The judgement on when the shots are fired across the bow is skewed by ‘what colour’ is on the offending ‘ship’ – who is down/bottom.

  1. When hostilities are at their zenith ‘shots are fired across the bow’  ‘…this expression derives from the naval practice of firing a cannon shot across the bows of an opponent’s ship to show them that you are prepared to do battle’ – ala Gen Hitler/Emperor Napoleon posture.
  2. When potential powers are waning ‘alliances are formed to shore up’  ala North Atlantic Treaty Organisation [NATO] spectre is displayed.
  3. When the battle is lost a ‘surrender flag is hoisted  – ala The battle of Waterloo spirit’
  4. When it dawns that all will lose the contest of wills, a ‘win-win’ dice is placed on the table – ala mini-United Nations.

In work places, these smokescreens hide the tug-of-war RACISM / RACE-ISM contests, which consequences are to humiliate, embarrass, and trash, ‘by any means necessary’, those at the bottom of the employment ladder.  In this power-play all employers are oblivious of the common danger lurking underneath i.e. poor productivity, inefficiency, shoddy products, job loses, lack of creativity, environmental degradation from wastefulness, poor this; poor that; worse this; worse that; etc., etc., pose to both the winners and losers.

Richard Rorty
‘Contingency, irony, solidarity’

ESRL asserts that The Equalities Act 2010 is in place to remind employers of the need to address RACISM / RACE-ism – a subtle platform of adversarial relationship in work place and negative consequences for employers.  This Act is ‘a consequence of experiences of social disintegration…..’ from wars, conflicts, fights, push-backs, etc.  It encourages employers that ‘doubts about human characters and cultures can be solved or assuaged only by enlarging acquaintances….’  (Rorty 1989).  It beseeches employers to encourage the oppressed to express their voice, along the adage ‘the wearer of the shoe knows where it pinches’, well aware that shoe-designers wield the power and capacity to make amends.

The appended reading provoked all sorts of adversarial adjectives err ammunitions mastered and sharpened by the English language, loaded and fired into those experiencing racism/race-ism.  Below are sampled highlights:

“Equality Impact Assessment…” – a soft way of saying the bodily blow on the effected by racists.

“For several years, with your support, we have stood with those who have suffered unnecessarily as a result of recent anti-discrimination legislation and sought to expose the incoherency, instability and unfairness of the ‘equalities’ framework….”. – A soft way of saying we have been brutalised, pulverised, and lost the will to live.

“We know that race hate crime is the highest recorded form of hate crime…..”.  A soft way of saying there are bodies out there because of racist assaults.

Jack Alecho-oita, a director at Equalities Sensitivity Rating Ltd comments as follows:

“The nature of tall structures in employment is associated with what one Geert Hofstede called ‘Power Distance’ – an enjoyable authoritarian hierarchy in which subordinates, in this context, workers unquestionably submit to authority.  Up the ladder, ‘cruelty is not challenged….’; ‘kindness is not dispensed….’; and ‘it’s my way or the highway….’.”

“Well below or at the lowest rung of the ladder as always are black people who have to brave all sorts of fallouts from the top hitting them on the head; and sacrifice their meaningful engagements and gainful living for other’s failures at work place to deliver corporate objectives…. – first out of the door.”

Editors Notes:

  1. Mr Alecho-oita is available for interviews on 0044-798-459-4876 or
  2. ESRL can be mailed at
  3. Below are sampled sources which triggered the military postures to explain RACISM.

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